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Note: The dealer networks promoted on this website are currently limited to North America and Mexico. Dealers outside of these regions are welcome to apply and will be contacted by a regional representative to discuss their immediate needs.
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This network consists of the leading independent water treatment dealers that are fully trained and qualified to sell Pentair Water Professional Series water treatment products for a wide variety of applications. This includes component products with trade names such as Autotrol®, Fleck®, Structural™, Pentek™, Park™, FreshPoint™, Magnum™, AquaMatic®, WellMate™, and others. These dealers subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the Water Quality Association. Their business is dedicated full-time to providing consumers with the best possible solutions for local water problems.

Branded Product Program Dealers are Pentair Water Platinum Dealers who are approved to sell the Pentair Water GE branded products such as Pro Elite™ , AvantaPure™, and other products. These dealers are 100% committed to water treatment sales and service and sell the Pentair Water GE branded products exclusively. They meet all Pentair Water Platinum Dealer requirements as well as specific program related requirements.
This group is made up of water treatment dealers, well & pump contractors, and plumbing contractors who also sell and service Pentair Water water treatment systems in conjunction with their regular business. They may not have full time water treatment sales personnel and typically sell water treatment equipment in conjunction with providing other services.
This network is made up of dealers who are certified to sell and service the Homespring systems. All Homespring dealers must become certified at prior to selling or servicing any Homespring system.

NOTE: If you are already a registered dealer, changing your network will set your status back to pending. 
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